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Red Brick

It would be good to hear more about the work of Raquel Rolnik, the UN special rapporteur on housing. Today she has hit the headlines in the UK for her investigation into the ‘shocking’ bedroom tax and her subsequent condemnation of it as a violation of the human right to adequate housing.

Rolnik also concluded that Britain’s previously good record on housing was being eroded by a failure to provide sufficient quantities of affordable social housing, and more recently by the impact of welfare reform. Her conclusions could carry weight during legal challenges to the bedroom tax because Britain is a signatory to the International Convention that includes adequate housing as a human right.

Lacking in class as always, Tory Chair(man) Grant Shapps failed to deal with the criticism but launched ‘a crude rant against Rolnik’. On the Today programme he said her comments were ‘an absolute disgrace’. He questioned the right of…

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