Code of conduct

The Evening News today has a story about Edinburgh Councillor Cammy Day hoping to introduce a charter of standards expected of private landlords. I’m in favour of a charter, but many in the industry have come out in response saying they’re not in favour, even though they want to raise standards.

Those against it are saying there are already codes of conduct in place and already standards that they need to meet. This is true, however, poor landlords who do not abide by the rules are still operating. Ideally, the rules would be enforced and landlords would all have to meet the requirements. However, enforcement being what it is right now, a charter is quite a useful idea.

I think a charter is another way to build a culture where tenants know their rights and are able to have their rights enforced. It’s not so much that a charter itself is going to fix things, but it’s another initiative which will help to change things for the better.

I’d like to see a private rented sector in Edinburgh where standards are upheld, people live safely and securely, while landlords and their agents are able to trust tenants to look after their properties. Anything which moves us towards this outcome is a good move in my book.


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